About Dennis

My story started long before I was born. My mother emigrated from Siberia as a child with those members of her family who managed to get out of Stalin’s gulag before the doors clanged shut. Some never got out & others died trying. Her family was sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee a charity devoted to helping immigrants. Upon arriving in Canada, they lived in a Soddy in Southern Sask. As a girl in her late teens, my mother went to work on a farm near Lethbridge where she met my father, a son of Ukrainian immigrants.

In time my parents saved enough money to buy a homestead that straddled a coulee, located north of the US border and seventy-two long miles from Lethbridge the nearest city. I grew up walking beside the coulee’s creek with my dog Pooch, watching the migrating birds, gophers, fish in the creek, eating wild berries, and listening to the frogs and coyotes at night. This home was seven miles south of two elevators, post office/store called Legend and three miles from our nearest neighbour. Today Legend is a legend.

During high school and in summer months, I either worked on our farm or drove heavy equipment on highway construction. Eventually I graduated from a Theological College in Edmonton having funded my education working part time in various sales positions. My training and experience taught me the importance of listening, filling customer’s needs and providing exceptional customer service.

Following college I spent years with mission organizations in Jamaica, Europe and in Liberia, West Africa. Upon my return I held several positions in the housing industry and eventually become the Sales Manager for a packaged home builder. Over the years I have also worked with various charities raising major & Legacy gifts. It’s a great joy to come along side individuals and couples as they make decisions to help others by leaving wonderful legacies through thoughtful and profound gifts.

These days, working with real estate buyers and sellers brings my two worlds together. I love the land, helping people and listening to their needs and then working hard to provide them with the highest level of service. I enjoy investing time in my clients helping them find just the right home or investment to purchase, and for some to market and sell their property for the highest market value. Through my own experience, I have learned to be extra careful in advising clients so they will be guided to make good decisions based on what they want to accomplish.

As part of my service, I am also committed to referring clients to excellent lawyers, mortgage brokers, and lenders. When my clients move, I take great care in referring them to Realtors who will give Great service in other parts of the country. I have personally been on the buying and selling side of real estate so I know how I want to be treated and the level of service and results I want to experience.

For me, success is not measured just by sales but by those whose needs have been met and by the wonderful relationships built. I hope to have an opportunity to learn more about you and your needs so I can use all of my years of experience and skills to help you with your real estate goals. I’d love to show you how we can make your real estate experience safe and enjoyable with the results you are looking for from someone on whom you can rely and trust.